Denmark: Cathedral parish wants to marry same-sex couples

In Denmark, same-sex couples can form a civil partnership with the same status as a marriage. If they wish, they can then have their partnership blessed by the Church of Denmark in a ceremony without legal connotations. A pastor can refuse to perform this blessing, but then has to refer the couple to another pastor. I wrote about this some time ago.

When the Vor Frue (Our Lady) parish in Copenhagen – which is the Cathedral parish of the diocese – received a question from the State’s Ministry of church affairs, as to whether they would be ready to marry same-sex couples, the pastors and the Church Council were unanimous in answering: Absolutely!
They answer that God’s love to humans is absolute. No church has the right to withhold God’s blessing, but is on the contrary required to give it to those who ask for it, including same-sex couples who wish to be married.
Furthermore, the Church of Denmark doesn’t view wedding or marriage as sacraments, but as a question of order. The wedding is a confirmation of a common life that already exists and an act of blessing – not an act where the church judges and approves some ways of living together.

Köpenhamns domkyrka vill viga homosexuella (Kyrkans Tidning 12.1.11)

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Muthah+ said...

Pastor Karl, I found your link to Elizabeth Kaeton's blog. She is a long-time friend and fellow Episcopal priest. It is heartening to hear that same-sex relationships can be recognized in Finland. I wouldn't mind moving there, but I doubt if I could wrap my tongue around the language!

I served as an ELCA pastor in a small congregation in upstate NY for my last 3 years of parish ministry. It will be interesting to hear how you evaluate Solle's work.