Denmark: No same-sex marriage, blessing only

The discussion about the churches' role in same-sex marriages or registrations of partnership is rampant in Denmark, as in so many other countries.
The Government minister for ecclesiastical affairs created a board of experts, that was to look into the matter. The experts in question are pastors, bishops and others that are active in the Church of Denmark.
According to the church newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad, the board has not been able to agree on much; same-sex relationships cannot be called ”marriages”, but a ceremony for the blessing of registered partnerships must be developed in future.
The political opposition is disappointed that the board doesn't suggest a proper marriage ceremony. So am I.
Forslag om kirkeritual skuffer politikere (Kristeligt Dagblad 16.9.10)
Inga äktenskap för danska homosexuella (Kyrkans Tidning 16.9.10)

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