Sweden: Lesbian pastor was refused a job

An openly lesbian pastor in the (Lutheran) Church of Sweden heard of a job opening in a parish in central Sweden and contacted the vicar, whom she had met before. He was positive during their telephone conversation, but she later recieved an email saying that the opening wouldn't be filled after all.
When someone from the diocese contacted her about the same job, the pastor wondered about that email. It turned out that the vicar had reported to the Parish Board that the pastor in question was a nice and competent person, but that they couldn't employ "one of those people". It was unthinkable that she and her partner should live in the parsonage and that she should teach confirmation classes.
The pastor was, of course, dismayed by this and in the end reported the parish to the discrimination ombudsman.
The bishop of Strängnäs, Hans-Erik Nordin, won't comment on this specific incident, but says that the Church of Sweden has decided that there is no bar on homosexuals working within the church, even as pastors.
The vicar has since changed jobs and won't comment. The new vicar agrees with the bishop in this.

Some comments on the news sites and on various blogs say things like: "God bless the parish!" and "The vicar is a wise man who wants to follow the Bible." Others say that this shows that the Church of Sweden has double standards, and that religious people in general can't be trusted.
I'm sure the pastor in question will get the job eventually (if she still wants it). But the damage has been done. Specifically, damage to the image of the church as being a loving, generous institution. If, indeed, it has ever had such an image...

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