A possible "maybe" to gay blessings

Almost five years ago, the Bishops' Conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF) gave a committee, chaired by the bishop of Espoo, Mikko Heikka, the task to write a report on what the ELCF should do now that the state has started registering same-sex partnerships. Should the Church bless them, should they be excommunicated, should people living in same-sex partnerships be barred from working within the Church - or what?
Today, the committee presented its 200-page report to Archbishop Jukka Paarma. That says nothing. Nobody will be barred from anything. Everybody can do as they please - bless gays or refuse to do so...
But no new agenda for a service of blessing will be created. No real guidelines were included in the report. The question will remain one of conscience for us pastors.
This could be a good thing for the individual pastors - but such a wishywashy stand won't be good for the respect of the Church in the long run.
In September, the Bishops' Conference will deal with the report, and then send it on to the Synod. It'll be interesting to see what will become of it all.

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