Widespread acceptance of same-sex marriages in Finland

According to a survey, 60% of the Finnish population is ready to allow blessings of same-sex partnerships in church. One-third would like to see same-sex marriages. Presumably, that third part is included in the 60%.
It is to be noted, that this is the general population speaking. The question was not limited to Church members. However, since about 80% of all Finns belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF), we can assume that the figures are significant.
Another survey was published in October, 2009.
But the question is not decided through surveys. The General Synod will meet in May to discuss the issue. The Bishops, as I have noted earlier, decided in February, 2010, to propose that pastors may pray for a same-sex couple with impunity, as long as it is not called a blessing. This is possibly a step forward, albeit a tiny one. We'll have to see what the Synod makes of it.
I'm not too hopeful, though, since the present Synod is one of the most conservative we've had in years.
YLE, Dagen

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