The Crossing of the Red Sea (revised version)

A youngster came home from Sunday school, having been taught the biblical story of the crossing of the Red Sea. His mother asked him what he had learned in class, and he told her:
"The Israelites got out of Egypt, but Pharoah and his army chased after them. They got to the Red Sea and they couldn't cross it. The Egyptian army was getting closer. So Moses got out his walkie-talkie, the Israeli air force bombed the Egyptians, and the Israeli navy built a pontoon bridge so the people could cross."
The mother was shocked. "Is that the way they taught you the story?"
"Well, no," the boy admitted, "but if I told it to you the way they told it to us, you'd never believe it."
Quoted from When Bad Things Happen to Good People
by Harold S. Kushner

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