"It's the fault of the gays!"

Earlier this year, I linked to a song on YouTube, called Bögarnas fel (The fault of the gays). This satirical song is written and performed by the Swedish comic group Grotesco, and I just loved it.
It has different people relating their woes and ascribing them to the gays. Some examples (my translation):
"My son killed four people with a hunting rifle, but somehow I feel it's the fault of the gays."
"My upbringing has made it impossible for me to be psychologically sound, but my family all agree: it's the fault of the gays!"
"The European Song Contest never seems to end, and it's the fault of the gays!"
Then enter a nun, a Moslem, and an orthodox Jew, all in distinctive garb, and sing about how all fundamentalism and all religious wars actually are the fault of the gays. It is rather hilarious, but unfortunately, of course, this satire is too close to the truth. Not that these things actually are the fault of the gays, I mean, but that this oratory is used far too often. There are preachers, for instance, who warn Sweden of earthquakes, floods and other calamities as divine retribution for a too permissive attitude tiwards homosexuality.
As I said, I loved this song. Except, perhaps, that the tune is so catchy, that it will ring in your head for a very long time...

I bring this up, because this song recently created some controversy. Grotesco performed it in the popular TV show Allsång på Skansen, a sing-along program aired from Skansen in Stockholm. As might have been expected, some people found it objectionable. Especially the satirical portrayal of Moslems, Jews, and Christians has been an irritant. The police are being asked to investigate whether the song contains hate speech.
The song does contain generalisations, to be sure. Not all Moslems, Jews, or Christians behave or talk as those portrayed. But some do, indeed, and it is those that are being satirized. We'll have to see what conclusions the investigation reaches.
I hope, however, that those objecting to the song take a good look in the mirror before taking legal action. The shoe is now on the other foot - are you sure that's not what irritates you?

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