Update: Lesbian pastor recieves an apology

In January, I blogged about a pastor in Sweden who was refused a job since she is a lesbian.
Now, the parish has reached an agreement with the pastor in question. She has recieved an apology and a remuneration of 30.000 crowns (3.445€, 4.762 US$ at today's rate). In addition, the parish will educate its staff in questions of discrimination. Presumably, in order to avoid discrimination in future, not to discriminate more effectively.

Betalar diskriminerad präst (Sveriges Radio Örebro 2.3.11)
Diskriminerades för sin läggning - nu ersätts prästen ekonomiskt (Nerikes Allehanda 2.3.11)
Homosexuell präst får ursäkt (Dagen 2.3.11)

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