YLE: No Evidence of Homophobia Within the Finnish Defence Forces

Homosexual members of the armed forces in Finland do not face discrimination, according to the Defence Command of the Finnish Defence Forces.
The Defence Command further stated that the armed forces operated as a sub-section of Finnish society, and that homosexuals existed in the army just as they did anywhere else. It stated that no form of homophobic discrimination was permitted within the defence forces.
The Defence Command office was clear that no questions are asked about a person's sexuality either on joining the defence forces or at any point during a person's time within the service. It said that no complaints had been received from members of the armed forces about homophobic discrimination.
Seta, The Finnish NGO which works to protect the rights of sexual minorities, stated that they had received no complaints about homophobia within the Finnish Defence Forces, but commented that no study has yet been carried out on the issue.

YLE 3.12.10

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