Politics and economics as Christian duties

The Switzerland-based news agency Ecumenical News International recently published a couple of pieces that show that we as Christians have a responsibility for more than just the salvation of souls. As these Asian church leaders show, we must also take a stand in fields like politics and economics, in order to battle injustice, poverty, and over-exploitation of natural resources.
Thank you, Rev. Tabo-oy and Ms. Chhungi, for your inspiring example!

Privatisation deters poor's access to water, say Asian church leaders
Manila (ENInews 1.12.10). More and more poor people in Asia are being deprived of what was once seen as a free "God-given resource", as water has become a paid-for asset controlled by private companies in recent years, say Asian church leaders. "Now considered as a commercial commodity rather than as heritage and a natural resource that should be protected, water … is now being increasingly controlled by private corporations," said the Rev David Tabo-oy, evangelism officer of the Episcopal (Anglican) Church of the Philippines.Tabo-oy was reflecting on "Water as a gift from God and as a human right" during the second day of a 28 November to 3 December consultation on "communities' rights to water and sanitation in Asia" held in Manila.

Wrong reading of Bible story 'legitimises' earth's exploitation
Manila (ENInews 3.12.10). Asian Christian leaders have challenged what they describe as a distorted interpretation of the Bible's Genesis story about God telling Adam and Eve to "subdue" the earth and to "have dominion" over other living species and non-living resources on the planet. "The misinterpretation, which has been blamed on Christians, has helped legitimise the wanton profit-oriented exploitation of the planet and its resources," said Hrangthan Chhungi of the Presbyterian Church of India. She said that the more appropriate translation from Hebrew, the language in which Genesis is written, is "to over-see and take care, rather than to subdue and have dominion".

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