News on Churches and LGBT

Dominican Republic’s Cardinal rails gays (Dominican Today 30.9.10)
Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic’s Catholic cardinal affirmed Wednesday that he’ll oppose “until death” same sex marriages, gays in the military and abortion, comparing them with the crime and drug trafficking he said are challenges society must face.
“We disagree with homosexuals in the Armed Forces. Once a colonel starts flirting with a general the line of command is finished," said Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez. [...]
The Santo Domingo Archbishop also called the international organizations “good for nothing comedians” who “scheme” a macabre plan to exterminate humanity.
“God forbid that what’s being plotted in the world, through congresses and parliaments by nongovernment institutions, which is a perverse, macabre and insolent plan, God forbid its materialization, because the intention is to end with, to erase all of what’s the Judea-Christian tradition from the map, because what they seek is to pervert, damage and corrupt everything,” the Cardinal said.
Colonels and generals flirting, indeed! That risk is the same with heterosexuals where women can become soldiers and has nothing to do with homosexuality as such. The Cardinal only erected a straw man, didn't he?
Rwanda: Anglican Archbishop-Elect Vows to Fight Gay Marriage ( 30.9.10)
Kigali - Archbishop elect, Onesphore Rwaje, who is set to succeed Anglican Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini in January, 2011, has vowed to follow in his predecessor's footsteps by taking a firm stand against homosexuality. [...]
Rwaje said homosexuality was a practice introduced by individuals who wanted to secularize theology. [...]
Archbishop Kolini is one of the African church leaders who took a strong stance against gay marriage, which resulted in Rwanda Anglican church province joining a splinter group.
Kolini has in the past referred to homosexuality as "moral Genocide" among Christians, and a new form of "cultural imperialism".
MadPriest comments on this piece of news.
Washington DC Methodist Church approves same-sex marriages (PinkNews 8.10.10)
Worshippers at Washington DC's Foundry United Methodist Church voted 367 to 8 [...] to allow same-sex marriages to take place at the church and to allow its clergy to perform said ceremonies.
[...] the progressive church has long been a champion of LGBT inclusion and in making this move, has put itself in conflict with United Methodist Church rules which do not allow ceremonies that "celebrate homosexual unions".
John R. Schol, bishop of the United Methodist's Baltimore-Washington region, wrote to the church's congregation saying [...] "As a bishop of the church I am responsible for upholding our Book of Discipline and will process and follow through with any complaint or charge against a United Methodist clergyperson of the Baltimore-Washington Conference who performs a same gender wedding or holy union."

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