A majority of Finns support gender neutral marriage

According to a poll made this summer and comprising over a thousand Finns, 54 percent are for and 35 percent against a gender neutral marriage law. The margin of error is 2,5 percentage points in either direction. Young people, women and people in the southern (more densely populated) parts of the country are more positive to such a law than others. Among Lutherans, too, a majority was for.
People who vote for the Christian Democrats or the populistic True Finns were generally against gender neutral marriages. However, most voters aren't interested in having the marriage law become a central issue in the Parliamentary elections next spring.
YLE, HS, Hbl 21.8.10
A poll made in October 2009 showed that 44% were positive and 39% negative to same-sex marriages performed within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (blog here).
In December, 2008, 106 pastors from the ELCF answered a poll, and over half of us are ready to bless homosexual partnerships. In the greater Helsinki area, the ratio is two out of three.
Another poll showed in August 2010 that a third of the 700 pastors interviewed would perform same-sex weddings (which isn't the same as blessing partnerships), while over half aren't ready to do so. Female pastors were in general more positive than male. A majority wanted to retain the Church's right to perform legal weddings, regardless of whether the State introduces gender neutral marriages or not.

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