Christianity or Biblicanity?

I found an interesting article on the net some time ago. The article - Christianity or Biblianity, published on the Gay Christian Fellowship by the pseudonymous Jakeywolf - makes an important point, that I, too, have tried to put forward. An excerpt: 
It is important for us, as Christians, to identify these divisions in the church [pride, gluttony, laziness, inhospitality, idolatry, and sexual immorality], not to condemn those who do such, but to realize the dangers of turning the Bible into an idol, because it is in the name of God that fellow christians perform these detestable actions against their human brethren.
We realize that those who become "biblicans", instead of Christians, will inevitably abandon the sound doctrine of love for God and one's neighbor, as demonstrated by Christ, and they will try to argue and justify their hate and unfriendliness using the very Word of God that they claim to follow.
[...] by realizing that scripture is, in fact, not a god, but a tool in which God uses to communicate to man, we free ourselves to the ruling hand of grace set up for us through Jesus Christ so that we can, too, share the same love with others and, most important, God Himself.
Do not become one who departs from the faith seeking permission or teaching to condemn and abuse others, but remain enduring as one who is an advocate for peace and love. Be an advocate for a peace and love that distinguishes itself apart from others by recognizing both friend and foe within it, regardless of circumstances.
Be a Christian, not a Biblican.

Amen to that! 

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