100Revs and Mardi Gras

In February, I blogged about the Australian movement calling itself "100Revs"; the movement has a blog at 100revs.blogspot.com.
The Pride marches in other parts of the world have an equivalent in Sydney's Mardi Gras. When I've taken part in the Helsinki Pride together with people from Yhteys-Gemenskap, we've been greeted with wrath by certain Bible-thumping extreme elements calling themselves Christian.
The Revs in Sydney had similar experiences when they marched. PinkNews reports (27.3.08):
... an anonymous clergym[a]n who marched in the parade spoke about his career being under threat.
While he stopped short of admitting his job was on the line, he spoke about future repercussions:
"It's very untalked about," he said.
"It's things like the revocation of opportunities for future ministry [positions].
"The conservative side were very upset. I still underestimate the level of political sway they have. I've definitely made a few enemies."
I know what he's talking about. And combining "gay" and "Christian" seems to be equally difficult from both sides of the issue, as some of the comments on the Sidney Star Observer show - see here and here. This is regrettable. There seems to be a long way yet to go. But most of the blame for this must be laid at the churches' doorstep because of our homophobia, past and present.
I'm so sorry for that. In my small way, I'm working to change the situation, but it seems to be an uphill struggle at the moment.

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